Surface Pro 4 Runs Age of Conan!

AOC Screenshot with Surface

Well, as a follow up to my previous post, the first thing I have tried with my Surface is to run Age of Conan and it runs nicely with around 30 FPS! I wouldn’t use it to play though lol as just launching the game for 2 minutes consumed 20% of my battery. So maybe just setting up timers for AAs.


Proud Owner of a Surface Pro 4


Image credit Microsoft.

I am now, or more accurately have been for a couple of months, the proud owner of a Microsoft Surface Pro 4 and here is a simple review about it.

The device is not perfect and I wouldn’t compare it to the other devices from tech giants that have been in the market for a long time. It is a bit glitchy and has its quirks. Continue reading Proud Owner of a Surface Pro 4



First post in months! Been extremely busy. Anyways, I have indicated in a previous post that I was playing Age of Conan in Fury PVP sever. Well, I got sick of it and did a bulk move to CROM PVE server. Funcom offers the bulk transfer of multiple toons for 6000 Funcom Points. Continue reading I HAVE MOVED TO CROM!!

How Cool is My HoX!

My main toon is a Harold of Xotli. How cool is it?

TouSF_AgeOfConan (33) (2)



As you can see, my gear is all obtained solo. Khitan mostly, with the belt and shoulders from Dragon Spine dungeon vendor and the cloak from the world bosses quest. I have never completed a raid since I have started playing and never gotten anything out of those I tried doing except the T1 cloak, well, it is a quest reward. Obviously, you can conclude that I play on Fury!

I will be posting some screenshots for it here.

Age of Conan 2015 Halloween Event: The Shambling Plague

TouSF_AgeOfConan (29)


To start the 2015 Halloween Event ‘The Shambling Plague’, talk to a guy named ‘Hadrathus’ right outside Tarantia Common District.

Well, starting with common dist. seems fairly like the other Halloween events. But the biggest and most awesome thing you notice once you get in there is a 200% fatality chance buff there! Pretty neat. Continue reading Age of Conan 2015 Halloween Event: The Shambling Plague

Useful Links (Age of Conan: Unchained)


Here I will post several very useful and awesome places where you can get info, videos, pictures…etc on the greatest MMORPG ever, Age of Conan: Unchained. Continue reading Useful Links (Age of Conan: Unchained)

Bebot Configuration (Age of Conan)


Bebot chat automation is a guild and raid chat bot for both Anarchy Online and Age of Conan. You can find their website HERE

I had some major problem setting up Bebot for my guild. The info on the internet is outdated and Funcom keeps changing stuff within the game. So here I have uploaded my configuration files. It is working 100% with me. Continue reading Bebot Configuration (Age of Conan)

Get Your PC Built For Free!

header asus

My first project to fill up some of my free time and satisfy a hobby of mine, I am offering to build PCs for free, gaming rigs specifically. If you live in Saudi Arabia, preferably in the Eastern Province and want a gaming build, please head over HERE and read the terms and conditions then submit your request.

I know how hard it is to get the exact parts you want in Saudi Arabia, and even if you find what you want, it will be a bit more expensive than buying them and shipping them here. I had that experience and that is why I am doing this.

You will just have to pay for the parts cost and pick it up when ready! Just be sure to read everything written in the ‘Get Your PC Built’ section. If you have any questions, just comment in here or go to the Contact Me page.


HDD Monster Home Server Build


Here is my first published build!

The intention of this build was to create a personal, low budget, low power consumption home media and storage center to use with my TV to store all kinds of media and to run a couple of gaming bots and some other stuff.

Well, the ‘low budget’ part went out the window when I decided to replace my first choice processor, an LGA1150 Pentium with an I3 and went with the very expensive ASUS MAXIMUS mobo!

Here are the specs: Continue reading HDD Monster Home Server Build


First post on my website! This is just the beginning, there will be lots of modifications on it as I go.